Mid Glos Mini Soccer League Cup Draw

Mid Glos Mini Soccer League U13's Cup Draw , Group Winners + Highest Placed Runner Up Qualify for the Semi Final
4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss, If tied in the League then on head to head, if tied after that, goal difference will count.
(3 North  + 2 South) (3 North  + 2 South) (2 North + 3 South) Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
North   Group 1   Group 2   Group 3 01/10/2016 1D vs 1E 2D vs 2E 3D vs 3E
1 Hucclecote Harriers 1A Broadwell (4) 2A Abbeymead Arrows (6) 3A Rodborough Lions (12) 01/10/2016 1B vs 1A 2B vs 2A 3B vs 3A
2 Tuffley Rovers 1B Cirencester Town (14) 2B Frampton Youth (15) 3B Cinderford Town (3) 08/10/2016 1C vs 1B 2C vs 2B 3C vs 3B
3 Cinderford Town 1C Longlevens Youth (7) 2C Brockworth Albion (18) 3C Wickwar Wanderers (13) 08/10/2016 1A vs 1D 2A vs 2D 3A vs 3D
4 Broadwell Youth 1D Charfield Juniors (11) 2D GVR Chalford (9) 3D Rodborough Youth (5) 05/11/2016 1E vs 1A 2E vs 2A 3E vs 3A
5 Rodborough Youth 1E Tuffley Rovers (2) 2E Hucclecote Harriers (1) 3E Severnside Nuclear (10) 05/11/2016 1D vs 1C 2D vs 2C 3D vs 3C
6 Abbeymead Arrows 12/11/2016 1B vs 1D 2B vs 2D 3B vs 3D
7 Longlevens Youth TBC games must be arranged by each manager 12/11/2016 1C vs 1E 2C vs 2E 3C vs 3E
8 Brockworth Albion and the home team must inform the league 10/12/2016 1A vs 1C 2A vs 2C 3A vs 3C
South when the tie is being played.  10/12/2016 1E vs 1B 2E vs 2B 3E vs 3B
9 GVR Chalford All ties to be played by 1st April 2017. 14/01/2017 1E vs 1D 2E vs 2D 3E vs 3D
10 Severnside Nuclear 14/01/2017 1A vs 1B 2A vs 2B 3A vs 3B
11 Charfield Juniors 11/02/2017 1B vs 1C 2B vs 2C 3B vs 3C
12 Rodborough Lions 11/02/2017 1D vs 1A 2D vs 2A 3D vs 3A
13 Wickwar Wanderers 11/03/2017 1A vs 1E 2A vs 2E 3A vs 3E
14 Cirencester Town 11/03/2017 1C vs 1D 2C vs 2D 3C vs 3D
15 Frampton Youth 15/04/2017 1D vs 1B 2D vs 2B 3D vs 3B
15/04/2017 1E vs 1C 2E vs 2C 3E vs 3C
tbc 1C vs 1A 2C vs 2A 3C vs 3A
tbc 1B vs 1E 2B vs 2E 3B vs 3E